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【グラフ理論とネットワーク理論】Matrix Expression of Graphs and Paths #2

Introduction Here is the article of the last time class. Matrix Expression of Graphs and Paths Graphs can be expressed by matrixes. Below matrixes express above the graph. Incidence matrix (接続行列) Cols re…

Find an Element from Sorted Matrix

Problem Given an M * N matrix in which each row and each column is sorted in ascending order, write a method to find an element. Solution O(N + M) solution By traversing matrix from upper right to lower left, we can solve this problem in O…

Range Sum Query 2D - Mutable : Past Google Coding Interview

Problem How to Solve This problem can be solved by using Binary Indexed Tree. Please check below article if you want to know the details of Binary Indexed Tree. keita-matsushita.hat…


行列計算は2重配列を用いて実装する。今回実装した機能は以下の通り。 行列の生成 足し算 引き算 掛け算 Matrix Class Implementation