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Binary Search

Perfect SquareかをO(logN)で判定する LeetCode

問題 解法 単純にfor文を用いた解法だとO(√N)となり間に合わない。 2文探索を用いることでO(logN)で解くことができる。 ソースコード

Find an Element from Sorted Matrix

Problem Given an M * N matrix in which each row and each column is sorted in ascending order, write a method to find an element. Solution O(N + M) solution By traversing matrix from upper right to lower left, we can solve this problem in O…

Find an element in the rotated array

Problem Given a sorted array of n integers that has been rotated an unknown number of times, write code to find an element int the array. You may assume that the array was originally sorted in increasing order. Solution This problem can be…

Find a Magic Index from Sorted Array

Problem A magic index in an array A[] is defined to be an index such that A[i] = i. Given a sorted array of distinct integers, write a method to find a magic index, if one exists, in array A. FOLLOW UP What if the values are not distinct? …